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英语作文50词左右初二 第1篇

My school life is busy and interesting.

We usually have four classes in themorning and three in the afternoon. Class begins at eight in the morning and onethirty in the afternoon. We have ten minutes rest between two classes. I oftenhave my lunch at school. After school I have after-school activities. I likeplaying basketball very much so I often play basketball for about an hour withmy friends. In spring and autumn we have sports meeting and sometimes we haveother activities, such as English compation. My school life is so fantastic thatI like it very much.

英语作文50词左右初二 第2篇

今天妈妈告诉我马上我们就要去桂林玩了。我很高兴也很 很期待。因为那里的景色很美。但是还要等一天,我有点迫不及待了。我想,那里的人一定很有礼貌。我也要学着礼貌一点。只有这样,我们才能和睦相处。

Mother told me that we will go to Guilin for a trip today. I am very excited because the views there are beautiful. But there is still one day to go and I feel impatient. I think people there must be polite and so should I. Otherwise, we couldnt get well along with each other.

英语作文50词左右初二 第3篇

The spring festival iverimportant to chinese people.

in the past, people could not often have meat, rice or other delicioufood. thecould onleat these during the spring festival. so everyear thehoped that the spring festival would come soon. now, although peoplelife imuch better, and we can eat the . people still like the festival. because most people can have a long holiday, and we are free to go on a trip or visit our friendor have partiewith our family. in the evenings, we can have a big meal in the restaurant or staat home with familand watch the tv programmes.

i like the spring festival vermuch. how wonderful the spring festival is!

英语作文50词左右初二 第4篇

I got up early at this morning.

I do my homework for a whilethenI found that my parents were not at homeI have to cook food by myself.

After a mealI went on my homeworkand I finished it finallyI watched the wacththe time is earlyso I went to wacth TVmy favorite program would be held by TV at this time.

It's a good text for me that living without parentsand I was very happy though there was no person close to me.





英语作文50词左右初二 第5篇

Last SundayI was very busy.

I got up at six o’ had breakfast at seven o’ I cleaned my practiced playing the guitar at eight o'clock.

After I played soccer. I cook dinner at eleven o’ I watched TV and did my homework.

At nineteen o’clock I ate I took a was I go to bed at nine o'clock .





英语作文50词左右初二 第6篇

Computers are changing our life. You can do a lot of things with a computer. Such as, you can use a computer to write articles, watch video CDs, play games and do office work. But the most important use of a computer is to join the Internet. By joining a computer to Internet, we can get the latest information in all fields. We don't need to leave home to borrow books from a library or to do shopping in a supermarket.

Computers help us live a more convenient life. With the development of computers, the word is becoming a large family.

英语作文50词左右初二 第7篇

When I was just a little girl, my relatives all said to me,_You are not a beautiful girl. If you want to be paid attention to, you must work harder than others._These words hurt me. So I wanted to be a beautiful girl, just like the Snow White. That was my illusion when I was five years old.

I grew up. When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a scientist. I believed that if I was a world-famous scientist, I would be noticed by people all over the world. I could do many good things for them.

Now I'm fifteen, I have my third illusion: I want to be a singer. Because I love singing. I love music. I even want to produce music myself. I also want to let the entire world hear my voice and my songs, though I'm not the best singer.

I know all these are just my illusions. Maybe they will never come true. But I'm still very happy because of my illusions.

英语作文50词左右初二 第8篇

My favorate sports

Basketball is my favorate sports. Different people love different sports,and in the GAME, the ethletic according to his or her talent take part in the different games. But , for me i love basketball so much!

First, basketball game is a team game,so every body have to support and coporation together that can finish this game well.

second, basketball game is a way for relax. it's good for body and good for mind too.

fanilly,it's a good exercise to everybody, it is good to our health.

In all ,basketball game is my favorate sports.。

英语作文50词左右初二 第9篇

summer I like summer. Because I can eat ice-cream in summer. I can swim in the sea. I go to the beach. There are many shells on the beach. The sand is very long. I pick up shells and play the sand. I can climb the sand hill.

英语作文50词左右初二 第10篇

I have a big family. There are six people in my family. They are my grandparents, my parents, my sister and I. Though my grandparents and my parents are in different generation, they respect each other's lifestyle, so I barely see them have conflicts. I feel so lucky to live in a harmonious environment. Today, the TV shows always present the negative relationship between different generations, but it is not happening in my family.

I learn to respect each other. My parents set the good example for me. So sometimes when my sister and I have argument, I won't shout at her. When we calm down, we can talk to each other peacefully. I love my family.

英语作文50词左右初二 第11篇

I had a very happy day yesterday. In the morning I played computer games , that was great! And in the afternoon I went jogging alone and I listened to music. I ate a great dinner at night and went to bed early.

英语作文50词左右初二 第12篇

Hi, am wang ya li .I study at chang zhi Elementary am in Cla1 Grade 6. I love my school very much .There are 14 teachers and 194 student in my school .There are 7 classes in my school There are 6 classes from Monday to Friday .There is a playground in my play games on the playground after are many trees and flowers around playground .It is summer .The trees are green .The flowes are beautiful .What a beautiful school!

I love my school.

英语作文50词左右初二 第13篇

Today is a happy day, grandma allow me to go to the park to play, there can be fun, there are many large-scale amusement toys, is the children's favorite place. After lunch, rest for a moment, we will set out to the park.

英语作文50词左右初二 第14篇

Gratitude Day, I took out the papers, fine gifts, all aspects of the awards, to the front of the teachers. Return to his alma mater's grace, because I grew up you nurture teachers. Gratitude Day, I brought a silk banner, came to the government building, in return for the government's grace, because the government offered me a peace order, protect us from chaos.


英语作文50词左右初二 第15篇

一个交通事故 A Traffic Accident

Yesterday when I was walking along the street, I saw an old lady in front of me. She wanted to cross the street. All of a sudden, a bicycle ran against her at a high speed. The old woman fell to the ground. The cyclist was very frightened and ran away. I hurried to help the lady up, called a taxi and sent her to the nearest hospital. Luckily she was not badly hurt.

We live in a large city which is like a big family. We should care for each other.

英语作文50词左右初二 第16篇

Everyone has his favorite think eating healthy food is important for you .

someone likes fast food. I think it`s bad for should eat a lot of vegetable and drink some `s good fou you health.

Someone is a vegetarian.

They eat vegetable and fruit every day they think it`s good for health but I think it`s also fine to eat some meat or fish .

People who eat a balanced diet should be healthier than those who only eat biscuits and hamburgersshouldn`t they?I prefer to only eat healthy foodand I think I`m a vegetarian.

英语作文50词左右初二 第17篇

I have a name is Gong is a clever is kind to has good grades in often comes first or second in the is like a is brave and day,her friend’s keys fell into the jumped into the pool and found the all admire owner of the keys master

was grateful for her she said,“We are should help each other.” Sometimes when I have somehard questions,she will help me.

She is clever and can organize class activities and wall wall paper won the first prize lastterm.

She is strong and good at likes playing volleyball and she plays basketball with boys.

The sports meeting is wants to get a good prize for class.

英语作文50词左右初二 第18篇

We had a picnic in fall last year.

First we climbed to the top of the hill. We saw many pupils there. We talked laughed and played together.

Then at picnic time we shared our food .We saw a beautiful stream near by. But there was much rubbish in it.

We thought we should tell the people to protect our living environment.

So after we wrote “please keep the stream clean and beautiful” on the signs.

All in allI had a nice day and I will never forget it.






英语作文50词左右初二 第19篇

Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, it is on the fourth Thursday in December. Thanks giving Day is very popular in western country, on that day, people will make a big turkey to eat.


英语作文50词左右初二 第20篇

I spent a day at Taobao today. I have had a lot of clothes. But unfortunately, i do not have enough money. So i had to collect it for a while. I want to hurry to make money with their own money to buy their own to buy a few of their favorite clothes . I think it is a great sense of accomplishment. I do not want to rely on my mother to buy clothes. I want to be on my own. I want to use knowledge in exchange for money . My wish is to earn the first money to send her mother to travel, but now it is not enough.

英语作文50词左右初二 第21篇

Fast food

Now, in China, fast food is very people like having fast food, especially teenagers. fast food like hambugers, French Fries tastes good. in fact, this kind of food is not good for your why fast food is popular in China? there are some reasons, fast food is convenient to take with you,so you can have your breakfast during the way to school. and it is easy to prepare,you can make your lunch just in ten minutes.

英语作文50词左右初二 第22篇

I have a sweet my roommate is my twin sister, bedroom has three parts,the bedroom,the bathroom and the biggest is the bedroom and the smallest is the our bedroom,there are two beds,two desks,two chairs,a wardrode and many other our wardrode,there are many our looks like a small bathroomis very our balconyis very clean, are two planys on the plants are big and tidy and clean our both like our bedroom very much.

英语作文50词左右初二 第23篇

My favorite things is reading and see a book。At myfree times I usually set on desk reading a book。Ifavorite book name is《Give me three days light》。isabout a girl's life story。I like there 's girl, because shehave a hard working heart。 To the as we are hardworking is my importants work。 I must be studyhard, To the as I like reading book seem。 I like her

Sometimes I go to the library 's books。 this is themost interesting thing in my life。 This is happy。 Like Ihave to do paper cutting in my free times。 I thinkthese intersting。

One of My favorite things have two things is reading the book or see a book。Another thing ispaper cutting。

英语作文50词左右初二 第24篇

Today, early in the morning, when I woke up, I found it was later for half an hour than I usually did. Then I remembered that I didn’t set up the morning call last night. So I just grabbed some bread and rushed to the bus station. The bus seemed always not appearing when I needed it. Finally, I took on a bus, then I felt so relieved, because I wouldn’t be late for school. Suddenly, the bus stopped and the driver told us to change another bus, because there was something wrong with the wheels. I was so worried. When I arrived school, I was late. It was such a bad day for me.

英语作文50词左右初二 第25篇

I have a good friend. His name is Chin Daibe. He is 15 years old. We both want to be detectives. He is very clever. He is just a secondary school student but he is cleverer than any other student. I think he is as clever as a university sc

hool student. His favorite detective is Kindalchi Hajime. He wants to be just as famous when he grows up. He is as helpful and brave as Sherlock Holmes. He is generous to his friends, too. When he has some new detective books, he always shares with me. So I am willing to lend him books, too. His favorite writers are Jinguchi Lanbu and . Mason. His favorite book is _At the Villa Rose_. I think it is a good detective book, too.

I really think he will be a very good detective. He is my best friend.

英语作文50词左右初二 第26篇

Recently, it has been reported that a girl got her feet stuck in the sewer, because she kept her attention on the smart phone. When she realized her feet were stuck, she tried hard to get rid of it, but she failed. With the help of policeman, she was set free. It sounds a little ridiculous, but when we look at the people around, we can find that the new technology distracts their attention from face to face communication. People like to talk on the Internet, then they ignore the things in reality life. No matter what they are doing, waiting for the bus or sitting at the table with their friends, smart phones are always at their hands. It seems that smart phone has controlled their lives. Life is beautiful if we can see it, or we will miss the amazing moment.

Don’t let the technology controls your life.

英语作文50词左右初二 第27篇

It is suggested that people have been aware of the issue--lack of preservation for endangered spieces, animals and plants, but as you see , they placed little efforts to cope with the the versatility and intricacy of instruments , I would pore over some of the most striking ones and offer alternatives afterwards.

One of the major reasons , causing peoples inocence of protecting animals, is that the government did not function well as an educator, arosing peoples initiative in shielding wild animals, which led to the consequence that people do not know their responsibility to prevent animals from dangers, and specific knowledge in guarding is equally important as the reason mentioned above is that media did not meet our satisfaction to inform the mass of the emergency which is crutial in arousing peoples conciousness to keep animals safe.

In spite of the serious problem, measure leading to profound improvement still can be to the fact that funds are insufficient in some developing countries, developed countries or international organizations should shoulder more burden -- finacing them in order to capacitate them to acpolish the protection of the same time, education in telling people the way to make animals harboured ought to be focused on, thus resulting in peoples better awareness in the camouflage of our planets cutest creatures.

It is belived by me that if correct actions are taken to preserve animals, any kind of them will be far away from extinction forever.

英语作文50词左右初二 第28篇

As a middle school student, I learn many subjects, I study so hard every day.

When I get home, I will do my homework and then go over the book. But when holiday comes, I feel a little confused, because I don’t want to study and do something new.

Then I don’t know what to do, my mind get blank. I decide to develop my interest.

Some day, I happened to see a tennis match and I couldn’t stop watching, then I fell in love with tennis.

So I started to learn playing tennis, I felt so happy. Now tennis is my favorite sport, I find a way to relax myself.

英语作文50词左右初二 第29篇

january 14 20xx

it was the second day of our winter holiday. i felt good. i felt i’m free. i had a lot of time to do things i like. my parents are in beijing. so i live alone but i don’t feel lonely. but i didn’t do something special. i stayed at home and watched tv. oh. i wrote an english daily composition. it was my homework. today, i have slept for 14 hours. i thought i was very tired. it was time for dinner. i must go. i am very hungry.



英语作文50词左右初二 第30篇

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a festival for American and Canadian with the purpose of thanks for harvest. While canadians celebrate on the second Monday of October.


英语作文50词左右初二 第31篇

january 15 20xx

it was the third day of our winter holiday. today, i sat in my mother’s office and help her answer the telephone. although i also have a lot of time to do my homework, i still do it. because in my mother’s office, i had nothing to do. if i did nothing, i was wasting my time and my life. i can’t do the foolish thing. we should take good use of our time.



英语作文50词左右初二 第32篇

Animals are friends of human beings. An animal is dependent on the human, also, the human also cannot leave the animals.

Long, long ago, animals and humans are a good friend. They help each other, rely on each other, get along with, who also cannot leave the who. However, with the passage of time, because of human beings, the animals with human relations soured, and there are more and more serious trend.

First of all, human beings to animals is wanton killing, on the one hand, caused a substantial reduction in animals, on the other hand also caused the animals to human hostile, to some extent destroy the animals with human friendly relationship. In fact, for a long time, the behavior of the human animal cruelty has not rested, eat eat peacock, owls, monkey, red-crowned cranes, bear bile absorption, is really to the point of _all things_ entrance! What do you want to, so can not cause animal angry? How can you make animals not to stand up and fought back? This is also the animal attack humans, even damage the important reason of human life.

Second, with the progress of human society, some bad behaviors of human beings, not only destroyed the earth's environment, and damage to the animals living environment. Factory sewage, automobile exhaust, deforestation of forests and other bad behavior, have caused serious damage to nature, and at the same time there are opposite to the nature of the direct damage caused by animals that makes the animal difficult to live, the type and quantity less and less, destroy the balance of the ecosystem, eventually make human to destruction.

Visible, the relationship between animals and humans have come to the point where serious deterioration, at the same time, also pose a threat to the survival of mankind itself. Humans are still can such wrong-headed, impenitence? ! I think that human beings should be timely change their bad habits, to love animals, protect earth's environment.

As a primary school student, we should start from me, start from now, to take care of our nature, protect the animals around us.

Let us act together, take care of animals, people for the ethical treatment of animals, and become a good friend of animals, to improve the relationship between the animals and humans to make their due contribution!

英语作文50词左右初二 第33篇

I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants clear rivers and lovely amimals there.

I breathed the fresh air on the mountain and sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day.

I liked not only the scene of the countryside but also the people there. I helped them to do farm work.

I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English. They were good at reading and writing but did not do well in listening and speaking.

I helped them improve their listening and speaking. Their parents thought highly of me. I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.




英语作文50词左右初二 第34篇

the map shows the wall running from jiayu pass of gansu province to shanhai pass of hebei province.

representative sections of the great wall built in ming times are situated near shanhai pass, gubeikou and juyong pass.

英语作文50词左右初二 第35篇

Li Bin is my good friend. He was born on the 12th of September,1990. His mother is an English teacher. So he started to learn English when he was six . He started to play basketball at the age of nine. He played well and he joined the school boys’ basketball team in 20xx. Last year he won the first prize of the English Speech Contest at school.

英语作文50词左右初二 第36篇

Hello, everyone. I can tell you about me! I am a happy girl. My name is Nina, I am 12 years old this year. My hobbies are

singing and dancing. I usually play basketball on Saturday. I want to grow up to be a doctor .I didn’t like playing

video games, but I like reading some books .I ride bike to school .I go to school from Monday to Friday. I am a good

student in my school .Because I so like study .I am good kid too, Do you know? I usually do homework, help my family. My

cook food is tasty .I like cat my favorite season is fall. I like warm and sunny. I so like red. This is me! What about


英语作文50词左右初二 第37篇

I am Lester. I am a boy. I am from like Chinese and English very much. I have a pet dog. It has two big eyes and a small mouth. Its tail is short. I often play with it. My father and mother like it too.

英语作文50词左右初二 第38篇

Times fly! At the same time that i'm growing,i'm getting into the most important year of my middle school time. Although we will be wery busy,and wery i haven't been ready for there may be an lot of probloms waiting for me in the last 'm not will try my best to face all the problems and have a meanful would care about my healthy to study better. So just let the gread three come.

英语作文50词左右初二 第39篇

Last Sunday morning, my friend and I went to visit the Beijing Zoo. We went by bike. It took us about half an hour to get there. When we got there, it was already crowded with people. There were a lot of foreign visitors, too. It is said that the Beijing Zoo is the largest in Asia and one of the largest in the world. There are hundreds of different kinds of animals. It world take a whole day to see all the animals there. So we decided to see some of the most interesting ones. We saw the elephants first and then the monkeys. Finally we went to see our favourite _friends_--the giant pandas. We were delighted to see them waving to us. We really had a wonderful time in the zoo.

英语作文50词左右初二 第40篇

I was very busy last visited my grandparents Saturday cooked meals together.

In the eveningwe watched morningI played sports with my friends.

I bought a presents for my the afternoonI washed my clothes and read many books.

It was a busy weekend.





英语作文50词左右初二 第41篇

I always like doing housework when i am free in On saturday this week,I washed my clothes and am really fond of doing it because i feel happy when i put myself in i did cook some my parents enjoy it very said it was delicious and i was happy.

英语作文50词左右初二 第42篇

Summer vacation has been quietly coming to us, as the saying goes _in spring, a day_. Is to tell we made our plans as early as possible is the beginning of success. So I made the following summer vacation plan.

英语作文50词左右初二 第43篇

I have a good penfriend. Let me tell you something about him. His name is Li Hua. He has an English name. It is Tony. He is a middle school student in Class Two, Grade One of No. 1 Middle School. He is 13 years old now. He was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong. His birthday is August the twentieth. He likes playing basketball and listening to music. He often plays basketball with his classmates after school. His favourite subject is English and he likes playing computer games best. I like to write to him. He is my good friend.

英语作文50词左右初二 第44篇

Recently, the news reported a girl from Russia died while she was doing her job. When I saw the news, I was so shocked, because she was the same age with me, but she had started her career as a model many years ago. She died of overwork. What a pity. A teenager should enjoy her childhood, and she should go to school and play with her friends. When we grow up, we will naturally come to the stage of earning money and struggle with life. Before that day comes, all we should do is to enjoy the free time. Missing the happy childhood time will be a great pity.

英语作文50词左右初二 第45篇

I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play

kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming

pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too.

In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.




英语作文50词左右初二 第46篇

We want a PE teacher for the School PE must be friendly to all the can dance,swim,play football,play basketball and play table tennis. He is able to give lessons to the students in the evening.

英语作文50词左右初二 第47篇

Latern festival is one of my favorite parents always take me to grandma's home to spend some time with eat dumplings together and we always have a great time!and in this Year's Lantern Festival,i also went to my grandparents' seemed that they are happy to see we went out to have a great was really cool!